The Coaching Kaleidoscope: Insights from the Inside (INSEAD Business Press)

The Coaching Kaleidoscope: Insights from the Inside (INSEAD Business Press)

Manfred Kets De Vries


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AutoriusManfred Kets De Vries
Leidimo metai2010
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This book deals with how coaching interventions can drive a journey of transformational change at individual, team, and organizational levels. As a result, coaching interventions serve to create more reflective people, who in turn, create better organizations. The group coaching methodology, used by the INSEAD Global Leadership Center (IGLC) and adopted by the Center for Leadership Development Research (CLDR) at the European School of Technology and Management (ESMT), Berlin, is the basis for developing the theoretical assumptions behind the chapters. Through sharing research methodologies, and describing intervention and change techniques used in the leadership development and education of executive coaches, the book sheds light on how the 'magic' of coaching works, what coaches actually do, and how their clients respond. This book is a joint project between the IGLC and the CLDR. In compiling it, we have involved academics who conduct research, teach, and consult; leadership development coaches; change consultants; and executives who adopted IGLC methods for reflection on leadership development opportunities and challenges. We have also included people who have experienced IGLC methods in the process of their developmental journeys. They have collaborated, consulted their research and practice notes, analyzed data from inquiry projects, and shared their personal experiences in individual essays.Table of Contents:Preface: Holistic Organizational Coaching - Manfred Kets De Vries * Introduction: An Integrative, Psychodynamic Approach To Evaluating A Leadership Development Program - Manfred Kets De Vries, Elizabeth Florent-Treacy, Laura Guilln Ramo &--Konstantin Korotov * Part One: Setting The Stage * Bringing Psychodynamically-Oriented Executive Development Approaches Into Companies And Business Schools - Konstantin Korotov * A Psychodynamic Group Coaching Model For Short Executive Programmes - Graham Ward * Are You Mad, Sad, Bad Or Glad? - Manfred Kets De Vries * Part Two: Creating Reflective Practitioners * Case Studies Of The Group Coaching Process: Self-Awareness And Change - Elizabeth Florent-Treacy * Inside The Group Coaching Session - Murray Palevsky * Is Anybody There? - Francesc Granja * Becoming A Better Coach - Andreas Bernhardt And Konstantin Korotov * Part Three: Creating Better Places To Work * Motives Creating Culture: Searching For Meaning - Laura Guilln Ramo * Impacting The Environment - Vincent Domin * Coaching Teams And The Role Of Emotional And Social Intelligence For Sustainable, Desired Change - Richard E. Boyatzis * Towards Creating A Coaching Culture In An Organization - Laurent Crioux, Peter Mulcahy And Konstantin Korotov * Connecting The Science Of Management Systems With The Clinical Paradigm - Christoph Loch * The Dark Side Of The Self As Instrument - Randel Carlock * Coaching For Work-Life Balance - Katty Marmenout * Exploring Duality Through Group Executive Coaching In Asia - Jacki Nicholas &--Katherine Twaddell * Conclusion: The Creation Of Better Places To Work - Manfred Kets De Vries, Elizabeth Florent-Treacy, Konstantin Korotov And Laura Guilln Ramo

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