Building and Maintaining Award-Winning ACS Student Member Chapters Volume 1

Matthew J. Mio, Mark A. Benvenuto


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AutoriusMatthew J. Mio, Mark A. Benvenuto
Leidimo metai2018
LeidėjasOUP USA

Part of the love of chemistry manifests itself in the hard work that goes into building and then to maintaining a truly first-class American Chemical Society Student Member Chapter. The ingredients are not always the same from one chapter to another, but there is often overlap. Is it the advisor? Is it the student members? Is it the opportunities? Is it all of the above? The "all of the above" response is the most obvious, but there is definitely more to it than putting the right
people together in the right place at the right time.

This twin set of volumes is an attempt to capture numerous voices among those in the ACS who have built award-winning Student Member Chapters, as well as those who have kept them going, in some cases for decades. There is a great deal of energy within our ranks. Authors Matthew J. Mio and Mark A. Benvenuto have tried to capture the experiences of these, some of our most active Student Member Chapter leaders, so that energy can easily be spread to others. This book will give an interested reader
many different recipes to build a great Student Member Chapter, and ways to maintain it for years.

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