Company Meetings and Resolutions (Digital Pack)

Leslie Kosmin, Catherine Roberts


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AutoriusLeslie Kosmin, Catherine Roberts
Leidimo metai2020
LeidėjasOUP Oxford

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This new edition is the only work solely dedicated to the law of company meetings of solvent public and private companies that are registered and incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 and its predecessors. As before, the new edition is written by an author team of great authority who have specialized in company law throughout their careers.

The third edition addresses the use of technology in company meetings, and in particular, considers whether it is lawful for a company registered under the Companies Act 2006 to hold a meeting of shareholders by electronic means only. The practical, as well as the legal issues are considered with regard to this issue.

The changes brought in by the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018, with regard to the role of the Chair and the board at meetings of listed companies, is covered along with other developments relating to the duties and activities of the Chair such as in Re Dee Valley Group plc 2017. Other important new case law is also covered such as Sharp v Blank 2015 concerning the duty of directors to provide sufficient information to shareholders to enable them to make informed decisions. Amendments made by
the Regulatory Reform Act 2013 to the Companies Act 2006 regarding approval by shareholders of director remuneration policy are duly considered.

The Rt. Hon Lord Justice David Richards has written a foreword to the third edition.

This book is the leading authority on the law of company meetings and resolutions and all practitioners advising on this subject will find this an invaluable tool for desk research as well as a handy companion at company meetings.

Company Meetings and Resolutions: Law, Practice, and Procedure 3e Digital Pack includes a copy of the hardback and a digital version available on PC, Mac, Android devices, iPad or iPhone for quick and easy access wherever you are.

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