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AutoriusAlison Attrill
Leidimo metai2015

Technology is constantly changing, and with this change and advancement comes changes in human behaviour.

Our physical being is becoming increasingly replicated through video-chat and virtual worlds. At the same time it is being carefully crafted and manipulated through the use of photo and video editing tools, through impressions presented on social networking sites, and through the creation of versions of the self that evoke empathy and help or provocation in online discussion boards and communities. Moreover, individuals are increasingly replacing offline activities with their online
counterparts - from shopping to banking.

Yet sharing in this manner does not come without risk. Security, privacy and criminal activities are rife across all types of Internet arenas.

Cyberpsychology provides a broad-ranging, thought-provoking account of online behaviour and the opportunities, challenges, and risks such behaviour presents. Written by an international team of authors, the book provides diverse perspectives on the impact our interaction with the online landscape has on our identity and behaviour.

With much of our lives now played out online - from social interactions to relationships, information-seeking and counselling to gambling and crime - Cyberpsychology is the ideal introduction to a rapidly-evolving and ever-growing part of our daily life.

Online Resource Centre:
The Online Resource Centre to support Cyberpsychology features curated links to additional materials of interest

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