Dental Instruments. A Pocket Guide. 6th revised edition

Linda Bartolomucci Boyd


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AutoriusLinda Bartolomucci Boyd
Leidimo metai2017
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Featuring over 300 instruments, this innovative resource is designed to help students master dental instrument identification, as well as assist in taking instrument inventory in the dental office. The flip-book, flashcard-style method helps readers memorize and quickly identify instruments at a glance, with a photograph or illustration of the instrument on the top page, and a full description of the instrument on the bottom page – including its name, function, and key characteristics. The picture of each instrument makes an ideal flashcard that readers can use to quiz themselves or others. At the end of some chapters, a photograph provides an example of a tray set-up that incorporates many of the instruments used in that chapter.

◦The perfect study tool! Each instrument is featured on two pages with a picture of the instrument on one page and the instrument’s name, functions, and characteristics on the other.
◦Each chapter features high-quality photos or line drawings of instruments specific to that chapter to make it easy for students to quickly recognize and identify the instrument.
◦The flashcard format helps students to learn and retain information.
◦Handy pocket size makes it convenient to carry and use at any time.
◦Spiral binding allows the book to lay flat or fold over to make visible just the instrument, just its description, or both.
◦Includes chapters that focus specifically on instruments used in dental specialties such as endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery.
◦Descriptions of instruments use the same three categories: 1) Name, 2) Function, and 3) Characteristics.
◦Many chapters feature a tray set-up at the end, showing how instruments are typically laid out for a specific procedure.
◦The Evolve website features instructor materials such as teaching tips, an image collection, a test bank, and web links.

◦An all-new, full-color design makes this text more visually appealing.
◦All-new color photos allow students to see exactly how instruments/equipment appear in the dental practice.
◦All-new line art helps students to zero in on specific elements/areas of the instrument.
◦For many instruments, close-ups of the working ends are shown to help students distinguish between similar-looking instruments.
◦A new chapter on instrument sterilization features instruments and equipment used in the practice of infection control.
◦More hygiene instruments have been added to the hygiene chapter, increasing the book’s appeal to hygiene students and practicing hygienists.

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