Blackstone's Civil Practice 2020

Stuart Sime, Derek French


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Description and properties
AuthorStuart Sime, Derek French
Publication year2020
PublisherOUP Oxford

Blackstone's Civil Practice 2020 provides detailed commentary of unrivalled quality on the process of civil litigation. This acclaimed civil work expertly adopts a narrative approach based on the chronology of a claim. Written by a team of leading academics and experienced practitioners, it provides authoritative analysis on the process of civil litigation, from commencement of a claim to enforcement of judgments, addressing civil procedure in the county courts, the High
Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court. The book also considers specialist matters, such as insolvency of proceedings, sale of goods, and human rights, providing skilled analysis on a comprehensive level.

The expert commentary is combined with the text of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), Practice Directions, and Pre-Action Protocols and Procedural Checklists, all fully cross-referenced to the text to ensure ease of use for the busy practitioner. As well as a detailed and user-friendly index, the quick-reference guide inside the front cover provides an alternative point of access for those already familiar with the CPR.

Blackstone's Civil Practice 2020: The Commentary is a concise version of this book, providing the unique commentary independently from the CPR, Practice Directions, and other appendix materials.

Blackstone's Civil Practice 2020: Digital Pack includes a digital version available on PC, Mac, Android devices, iPad or iPhone to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date developments in civil procedure wherever you are.

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