Creating Thinking Classrooms

Garfield Gini-Newman


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AuthorGarfield Gini-Newman
Publication year2018
PublisherSage Publications
Languageanglų kalba

This guide shows educators how to develop students’ capacity for rigorous and imaginative thinking so that they can become healthy individuals, contributing global citizens, thoughtful consumers of media, and adaptable learners who can thrive in a rapidly changing world. It discusses the main issues involved in current reform efforts in schools, the urgency and uncertainties in addressing those issues, and the complexities and pitfalls of proposed initiatives. It proposes a three-part response that focuses on broader goals, principles, and foundational beliefs to anchor initiatives, emphasizing enriching existing goals, invigorating existing practices rather than inventing new practices, and instilling thinking as the fundamental orientation of teaching and learning. The authors describe why thinking is foundational to teaching and learning; the relationship between critical, creative, and collaborative thinking; a framework for implementing a thinking classroom; what is involved in deep understanding and why educators should promote it; competencies needed for the 21st century and how to nurture them; developing students’ dispositions to act effectively, responsibly, and thoughtfully; engaging students; sustaining inquiry; fostering self-regulated learners; creating assessment-rich learning; and enhancing learning with digital technology. The final chapter suggests ways educational leaders can conceptualize and plan to support teachers by having them affirm aspects of their teaching that support the goals, principles, practices, and foundational beliefs; refine aspects of their teaching that can be modified to bring greater coherence; and aspire to tackle more substantial changes over many years. Gini-Newman is a professor and consultant, and Case is a former professor and specialist and director of a nonprofit association that works with educators to embed thinking into their professional practices. Annotation ©2018 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (
Reinvigorating today’s schools with quality thinking

Critical, creative and collaborative thinking should be at the center of all 21st century teaching and learning. Creating Thinking Classrooms is loaded with examples, stories and strategies for reinvigorating schools through quality thinking and reasoning. Written for leaders who support teachers, this guide treats educational change as a process of renovation, rather than revolution, and emphasizes building upon, refining and sustaining the many good things happening in today’s schools. Practical and user-friendly, it emphasizes five key principles for learning and teaching:

  • Engaging students
  • Sustaining inquiry
  • Nurturing self-regulated learners
  • Creating assessment-rich learning
  • Enhancing learning through digital technology
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