Disruptive Branding. How to Win in Times of Change Digital Original

Jacob Benbunan


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AuthorJacob Benbunan
Publication year2019
PublisherKogan Page
Languageanglų kalba

Harness change and challenge disruptive competitors by becoming a disruptive brand with innovation at its core, to deliver unique products and services and ensure growth in a shifting world.

Disruptive forces have rewritten the rules of business. In an age of continuous change the strength and authenticity of brands has become more important than ever. The organizations that can master their brand experience are able to survive disruption by disrupting themselves; companies that can’t do this will leave themselves ripe for disruption. Disruptive Branding is a practical guide, demonstrating how to harness change to power your brand’s survival and ensure growth in a transforming world. It will help ambitious, courageous and aspirational organizations to define their compelling brand strategies, design powerful brand experiences and innovate new brand-led products and services.

Disruptive Branding tells the stories of businesses that have succeeded in managing the forces of disruption. From Nintendo fighting off its competition by re-imagining gaming, to Airbnb redefining what it means to travel, modern day brands are thinking faster and smarter than ever before. This book identifies the strategies and designs that some of the world’s most successful brands use to stay one step ahead of the curve. It is an invaluable resource for brands working to withstand disruption – or even become disruptors themselves.

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