Your personal data is carefully protected.

We never pass your information – including home or e-mail addresses – to any third party, with the exception of our partners, such as our courier service, who are involved in the process of fulfilling the order. Even in such cases, only the necessary information is provided.

Payments for items purchased in our online store are processed through or Paypal . Either system is protected with best-practice security safeguards.

Customer data is stored and processed in accordance with applicable Republic of Lithuania ‘Personal Data Protection’ Act (Valstybes zinios. 2003, no. 15-597) directives. Your personal information is stored for no longer than is necessary. At any time you have the right to freely access your information and you are welcome to modify and, if necessary, block or delete your stored data.

When contacting the electronic bookstore in writing or by telephone, or in any other way, staff will not request your login data, bank card numbers, passwords or any other information, which could be used for fraudulent purposes.

Your information (e-mail address, name, street address, etc.) is used only to enable us to properly provide services.

We use modern and reliable security systems. Our chosen protocol for secure data transmission on the Internet is SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL security protocol includes data encryption and decryption, authentication servers, and message integrity checks. It is installed on many popular Web browsers and Web servers.

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