The Field Guide to Supergraphics

The Field Guide to Supergraphics

Sean Adams


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AuthorSean Adams
Publication year2018
PublisherThames and Hudson Ltd
Languageanglų kalba

The definition of a supergraphic has changed over the last twenty years. Once, only a large decorative design on a wall or building was a supergraphic. Today it encompasses architectural delineation wayfinding and identifying signage, illustrative murals, and branding elements. A supergraphic can take the form of an enormous logo on the side of a building, a wall of multi-colored squares, or an oversized restroom symbol. Digital technology now allows for interaction and screen-based media on a large scale. The audience can now truly communicate with an architectural space in a unique and personal manner. </br></br>The difference between a large overwrought design on the wall and a successful supergraphic is typically based on two points: a strong concept, and interaction with the architecture, light and space. Many people can paint stripes on a wall. But a designer can use the entire volume, sense place, context and changing environment to create a story with words, colour and shapes. This book includes examples of the best supergraphics internationally. These are evidence of the sense of delight when a beautifully crafted graphic solution and smart concept are married to remarkable architecture.

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