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Workbook: Six pages of additional practice for each Student’s Book unit, including exercises for vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing; all at three levels of difficulty Workbook: Two-page progress review after every unit with self-assessments and I can… statements Workbook: Reference section which includes a Language focus reference, a pronunciation bank, an alphabetical Wordlist with illustrations and a phonetic chart, an Expression bank, and an Irregular verbs list Workbook:
Answer Key which can be found on the <em>English Plus</em> Teacher’s site and on iTools Online Practice: Allows you to assign extra grammar, vocabulary and skills-based activities for the classroom or home and track your students’ progress Online Practice: Features 250 activities per level including
integrated video and audio, speak and record practice and writing practice Online Practice: Unlimited attempts on activities and the ability to check the correct answer inspires autonomous learning Online Practice: Set writing and speaking practice that you can mark and give one-to-one feedback on outside the classroom to free up teaching time Online Practice: Extra tools for teachers include creating groups of students for differentiated instruction, and setting up online discussions on topics
from the Student’s Book Online Practice: The access code for Online Practice is on a card with the Workbook

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Latvian in three months

AutoriusDace Dumpe
Leidimo metai2009
Leidinio kalbaanglų kalba
Pristatymo terminas Lietuvoje 1-3 darbo dienos. Gruodžio mėnesį galimas vėlavimas

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AutoriusJonas Dumčius, Kazimieras Kuzavinis, Ričardas Mironas
Leidimo metai2010
Leidinio kalbalietuvių kalba
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