European Banking Union

Danny Busch, Guido Ferrarini


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AutoriusDanny Busch, Guido Ferrarini
Leidimo metai2020
LeidėjasOUP Oxford

Part of the Oxford EU Financial Regulation Series, this work analyses the implications of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) and the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) for banks in Europe, and the second edition reflects the experience in practice of this regime both economically and legally.

The new edition provides reflection on the efficacy and problems with the central banking regulatory regime. There are new chapters on fit and proper testing under the SSM and deposit guarantee schemes. A further additional chapter considers the impact of the Bank Resolution and Recovery Directive (BRRD) and its interaction with the SRM by detailed analysis of relevant case law.

Whist offering insightful updates to existing chapters on the Single Rulebook, CRD IV, the SSM and the SRM, the second edition also includes brand new chapters covering a range of subjects. Unique to the second edition, experienced scholars and practitioners explore The Deposit Guarantee Scheme, fit and proper testing within the SMM, BRRD and SRB in practice.

This book benefits from the contributions of a team of leading scholars and practitioners who present a range of perspectives and methodologies. Case studies and in depth-analysis is presented to highlight topics such as supervised credit institutions, implications for financial market governance, and risk management and compliance. European Banking Union (second edition) is the ultimate companion for academics, legal practitioners, financial supervisors, and policy makers.

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