Fundamentals of Pharmacognosyand Phytotherapy. 3rd revised edition



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Pharmacognosy (the science of biogenic or nature-derived pharmaceuticals and poisons) has been an established basic pharmaceutical science taught in institutions of pharmacy education for over two centuries. Over the past 20 years though it has become increasingly important given the explosion of new drugs, phytomedicines (plant medicines), nutraceuticals and dietary supplements – all of which need to be fully understood, tested and regulated.

From a review of the previous edition:

‘Drawing on their wealth of experience and knowledge in this field, the authors, who are without doubt among the finest minds in pharmacognosy today, provide useful and fascinating insights into the history, botany, chemistry, phytotherapy and importance of medicinal plants in some of today’s healthcare systems. This is a landmark textbook, which carefully brings together relevant data from numerous sources and provides, in an authoritative and exhaustive manner, cutting-edge information that is relevant to pharmacists, pharmacognocists, complementary practitioners, doctors and nurses alike.’ The Pharmaceutical Journal

‘This is an excellent text book which provides fascinating insights into the world of pharmacognosy and the authors masterfully integrated elements of orthodox pharmacognosy and phytotherapy. Both the science student and the non-scientific person interested in phytotherapy will greatly benefit from reading this publication. It is comprehensive, easy to follow and after having read this book, one is so much more aware of the uniqueness of phytomedicines. A must read for any healthcare practitioner.’

New to this Edition

  • Sections on regulatory information expanded
  • New evidence updates throughout
  • New material covering non-medical supplements
  • Therapeutics updated throughout
  • Now on StudentConsult

Key Features

  • Covers the history, biology and chemistry of plant-based medicines
  • Covers pharmaceutical and neutraceuticals derived from plants
  • Covers the role of medicinal plants in worldwide healthcare systems
  • Examines the therapeutics and evidence of plant-based medicines by body system
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