John Hughes' 21 November Webinar!

Personalization in an impersonal world

Presented by:
John Hughes

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

12:00 PM GMT (UTC + 0)

10:00 PM GMT (UTC + 0)

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Personalization in the classroom is always considered desirable but in reality it’s often hard to achieve. As teachers, we try to personalize the language but this can be challenging in larger classes. There is also a delicate balance between asking students to personalize language and asking them to say too much about their real lives. Finally, if we want to use texts, videos and images which bring real-life topics into the classroom, we need to find personal connections between the individual student and global issues.  In this presentation, I’ll explore these issues and share a variety of practical techniques and activities which bridge the gaps between the individual, the language and the wider world.

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