Scientific Data Analysis

Graham Currell


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AutoriusGraham Currell
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Reliable data analysis lies at the heart of scientific research, helping you to figure out what your data is really telling you. Yet the analysis of data can be a stumbling block for even the most experienced researcher - and can be a particularly daunting prospect when analyzing your own data for the first time.

Drawing on the author's extensive experience of supporting project students, Scientific Data Analysis is a guide for any science undergraduate or beginning graduate who needs to analyse their own data, and wants a clear, step-by-step description of how to carry out their analysis in a robust, error-free way.

With video content generated by the author to dovetail with the printed text, the resource not only describes the principles of data analysis and the strategies that should be adopted for a successful outcome but also shows you how to carry out that analysis - with the videos breaking down the process of analysis into easy-to-digest chunks.

With guidance on the use of Minitab, SPSS and Excel, Scientific Data Analysis doesn't just support the use of one particular software package: it is the ideal guide to carrying out your own data analysis regardless of the software you have chosen.

Online Resource Centre:
The <a href=" >Online Resource Centre</a> features over 80 video screencasts that walk the viewer step-by-step through the techniques and approaches outlined in the book.

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