The Oxford Handbook of Adolescent Substance Abuse

Robert A. Zucker, Sandra A. Brown


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AutoriusRobert A. Zucker, Sandra A. Brown
Leidimo metai2019
LeidėjasOUP USA

Adolescence is a developmental period marked by dramatic and rapid biological and social transformation; it is also a time of increasing rates of experimentation with substance use. This period and the risk behaviors that often accompany it cannot be fully understood from the vantage point of any single discipline, nor can they be described by focusing on only the behavioral and social problems of the period, the characteristics of normal development, or the pharmacology and
addictive potential of specific drugs. Instead, a comprehensive approach requires knowledge of the brain's systems of reward and control, genetics, psychopharmacology, personality, child development, psychopathology, family dynamics, peer group relationships, culture, social policy, and more.

Drawing on the expertise of leading researchers from multiple fields, The Oxford Handbook of Adolescent Substance Abuse provides the most comprehensive summarization to date of current knowledge about substance abuse during life's most tumultuous developmental stage. The Handbook is organized into eight sections covering the literature on the developmental context of this life period, the epidemiology of adolescent use and abuse, similarities and differences in use, addictive
potential, and consequences of use for different drugs; etiology and course as characterized at different levels of mechanistic analysis ranging from the genetic and neural to the behavioral and social. Two sections cover the clinical ramifications of abuse, and prevention and intervention strategies to most
effectively deal with these problems. The last section addresses the role of social policy in framing the problem and in addressing it, and explores its potential role in alleviating it. This volume's authoritative treatment of these issues and the breadth of its coverage make it suitable as a compendium of what is currently known; at the same time, its level of detail provides a reference text and a jumping off place for researchers already at work in the field.

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